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DIY Solar Water Heater 

 Is It Really Possible?

by David Neich


A diy solar water heater can be made up in so many ways, it will all depend on what type of one you want to make. This article is going to explain how to build a diy solar water heater that will reduce the amount of energy consumed by your hot water system in heating your hot water


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Generally the most expensive part of the home electricity bill is the hot water heater, so by reducing this we are certainly going to save a lot of money.


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This is a situation that I thought was worth discussing because a lot of people want to know how to build a diy solar water heater and a lot of people don’t have a basic idea of where to start to build there own. I think that this one is truly not that hard to make and is a fantastic way to get started. 


It will allow you to be able put pre heated water into your hot water system and be able start heating it from approximately 40 degrees to 60 degrees  as opposed from a starting point of 0 degrees. 


The basic design for your diy solar water heater is this: 


1. A constructed box of pine wood with the dimensions of 2.5m L x 0.7 W x 15 cm D.  

2. A piece of plywood will be attached at the back so it can be attached to the roof. 

3. 4 lengths of copper pipe and some 4 elbow joints to join the four lengths together or the number of pipes that you have.  

4. 4 pieces of galvanized sheeting that has a groove in it as long as the piping so it fits over the copper pipe. 

4. Several sheets of insulated foil with a fleece type backing to it. 

5. A piece of polycarbonate sheeting to attach to the top of the box. 


The basic process: 


1. Build the box constructed of pine wood with the dimensions of 2.5m L x 0.7 W x 15 cm D. 

2. Place the insulated foil in the bottom of the box. 

3. Solder together the copper pipes so it's continuously in an S shape to fit inside the box, the foil will reflect the heat that is generated from the copper coils.


You can then press the galvanized sheeting firmly onto of the pipes, spray them with a heat enhancing material if you wish and that will absorb the heat which will assist the heating process as well. 


The heat from diy solar water heater fins will transfer through the copper pipes into the water and the water can flow into the water tank and then that will raise the temperature of water in the hot water tank to about 40°. This will make a huge difference in decreasing the costs in water heating. 


At the back of that screw the sheet of plywood and the copper pipe's poke through the end of the box and then from the box it will then be attached to the hot water system, which in turn will heat the water. 


The normal arrangement is to have the water heated from 0 degrees to approximately 60degrees so you can shower. This diy solar water heater preheats the water already so it will certainly assist in decreasing the money you pay out and you are certainly doing your part for our planet. 

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"The best product on the market to make solar energy at home, get started today"