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On this site there are specific areas of information to assist you in understanding the process of building a diy solar water heater as well as an article on how to build a wind generator as well. This is where I thought it was time to put together a website that is in between the full on sites and the ones that don’t really give you what you want. There will certainly be useful links to assist you as well. 

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Renewable energy is such a serious subject and our awareness is increasing slowly. I hope our awareness will only continue to increase due the nature of what is on offer. Between the years of 2000 and 2007 there was a 5 times increase in wattage generated from wind power.

I think the world is finally getting the importance of it. 



Firstly being able to create your own energy supplies is very attractive from a financial point of view as well as from an environmentally responsible point of view. Making sure we do the best possible for this planet and obviously for the next generation should be the focus from everyone and must be the number one responsibility.


The most important part hasn’t been mentioned thus far. The realization that we needed to do something is the most important point of all. Thankfully we have started. Without that, we still wouldn’t be doing anything about it, and imagine where we would be if that was the situation.


The evidence that we need to do something about global warming may be obvious to some but not obvious to others. Whether it is off the grid living, building a diy solar water heater or to build a wind generator, the fact that we need to do things smarter is very obvious.


Using greener technologies and embracing the emergence of these technologies is the most beneficial part whatever the situation is. I hope that I've been able to point out some information that would be of assistance in achieving your personal or professional goals and encourage you to take some alternative energy advice.