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Off The Grid Living

Is It Really Possible?


by David Neich

Firstly what exactly is off the grid living? Some people think off the grid living is living totally away from every single person on the planet and it certainly can be, but not always. 

Off the grid living means being able to generate your own energy and not have to rely on your utility company to provide it for you, therefore your not up to the power grid that supplies all the electricity to all the houses.


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In previous articles I have discussed the process of creating your own solar panel for heating hot water and also constructing a wind generator to allow you to have power from the wind. These two essential steps are needed to have off the grid living.

In this article we will discuss what you need to do to get free energy to run your home. 

I must first of all say that the model outlined in this article is purely for a home not a business but certainly can be adapted if needed to. Certainly similar steps could be taken to run a small business but for today's discussion we will focus on the family home. 

What we're trying to achieve here is to eliminate your standard power and energy arrangements and replace them with your own. My primary goal is to outline the process of off the grid living where you don't have to pay for anything. 

To have off the grid living you really need to employ solar energy and wind energy to be most effective, this way when the sun was not shining the wind might be blowing, and when the winds not blowing the sun probably is shining and you are making the most of both energy sources.

Both wind and solar energy will be captured in direct current (DC) then it needs to be converted to alternating current (AC) with the use of an inverter to change the current so you can use it from a power point. 

The first step is to construct a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel that will heat your hot water. The main cost of heating expenses comes from your hot water system. The design that’s outlined here heats your hot water to approximately 40° then your hot water system will take it to the next level up to 60° approximately, that's what’s needed to shower with on average. This small step saves a lot of greenhouse gases by itself and you save a huge amount of money by doing it. 

The second step is to construct a wind generator.  The wind generator needs to be at least 5 meters off the ground, the higher the better so it catches the most wind which generates more power that will power other items in the home and possibly the shed or garage as well. The DC power that's generated from the wind generator and the solar panels will be stored in a multitude of deep cycle batteries.  

The design that's outlined here can be used to generate energy to do what ever you wish mostly to organize lights and power for appliances etc.

So as you can see the more solar panels and wind generators you have the more power you can create to store in the batteries. The inverter will convert the DC current to AC then you can run your appliances from the power points like normal.  

There are other ways that will assist you with off the grid living that aren't wind energy or solar energy based, one of these is called thermal siphoning. Thermal siphoning is removing any hot air via cross flow of the air from one side of the house to the other.

If you were to open the bottom windows on one side of the house where the breeze comes in and by opening the top windows on the other side of the house you will create across flow and therefore a vacuum to suck out the hot air. 

So in summary, off the grid living is certainly a fantastic way to live. If you can do it, go and do it. Having the knowledge that you don't have to pay for your energy ever again makes the process fairly well a must. Knowing that you have beaten the system and also that you are not contributing to the earths dramas will make it easier to make a decision to adopt it as well. 

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"The best product on the market to start off the grid living, get started today"